Music Maddness Mobile DJ Service

We use the finest sound & lighting equipment without breaking the bank. We pass the savings on to you by being able to keep our rates low. We are equipped to play ANY of the following formats of music: CD, MP3 & WAV CD, MP3 & WAV USB DRIVE, MP3 & WAV EXTERNAL USB HARD DRIVE

We have an ever-growing music catalog of all genders of music. We still have a soft side for Country & Oldies but have so much more to offer. Over 35,000+ & adding more all the time.

95% of the music we play is digital.


Here is a list of some of the Fine Brands of Gear we use to make every event a memory you will want to cherish for years to come


BACK IN THE DAY: This was taken at our Annual Christmas Party 2005. Good Times. (I'm a professional, this was taken at a private party that we threw.) This was taken a year (approx) before I chose to stop DJing Professionally. Making a comeback has been trying but worth it.

This was taken at our Annual Summer Bash 2017. It was held at a private home this year. We didn't like that format. We will be going back to a Rental Venue for next year.

Another Summer Bash 2017 Pic.

This was taken at a Birthday Party. We had a BLAST. So did the Birthday Girl. (This was taken during setup)

Another one from a Birthday Party (Still during setup)

Some of the lighting we offer, running together.

More video at different angle.

Testing some new lighting

This is about 10 ft from the wall

Just some of the Lighting we have to offer. Our usable space requirements are 25'×20' with the 25' facing the crowd.



Blue & Red

At the Heart of the music is an Apple MacBook Pro. With an Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM and SSD Hard Drives, it keeps up with the beat all night long.

The Powerhouse of it all. Seismic Audio Amps produce some awesome clear sound. Combined with their Speakers, its an unstoppable combination. Also shows off our Livewire Power Conditioner. The Volt Meter and LED Lights were a BIG selling point for us!

This shows most of our lighting controls. We've got many lighting options to choose from. This also shows off our Furman Power Conditioner with Volt Meter.

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