Music Maddness Mobile DJ Service


Today's DJ: What exactly does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, it's the "Title" I give most of today's DJ's. Especially mobile DJ's. Most of today's DJ's want $100s, even $1,000s of dollars for a 4 hour set of music you either don't like, don't know or just plain don't want to hear at your event. Take a Wedding Reception, you wouldn't want a bunch of techno, nu-disco, house or every other word be bi*th, hoe, N this, N that or MF. And you definately wouldn't want some song you (or your guests) have never heard of. For example, To keep a Wedding Reception flowing with dancing & having a overall good time, the DJ would want to play a mix of old school as well as new music. If you have a wedding of say, 30-40 something's, you're prolly not gonna want to run the night with a bunch of music from the 50's. However, these folks would love to hear some old school 80's & 90's, dance or love songs, & pulling out a song that you can bet people haven't heard in forever will be a big bonus to them. When you can give a crowd that "Oh yeah, I remember that song" feeling....nothing's better in the DJ world because you may have just made their day. But, let's not forget about the Bride & Groom, in their honor, it's nice to have planned a "special" song, just for them to dance least at the start. You can always have the rest of the guests join them during the song. But, let it begin with them, & them only, something only the DJ would know about, a momento to give to the honored guests.

Now, this just touches base as to what you can expect from us, as a service, for your special event. Btw, a lot of Today's DJ's don't spend time on their playlist. We not only start on a custom playlist, that you're totally involved with, from the moment your event is booked. We also start working on a Lighting Display for special songs throughout the night. Most of Today's DJ's just 'wing' it with a few light fixtures. We have an extensive lighting & atmosphere setup that you & your guests are sure to enjoy, along with Top of the Line sound equipment & supurb quaility digital music. Did I meantion we have no additional fee for lighting or setup?